Many people these days are looking to start their own business and become an “Entrepreneur”, but that’s not in everyone. To be a successful Entrepreneurs you need to possess certain character traits, so what makes a great Entrepreneur, and how do you shape up?

Well, first the start-up journey is not an easy one, many obstacles will be thrown in your way and must be overcome in a relentless drive for progress no matter what and finding ways where apparently none exist. Perseverance then is certainly important. To never give up and to continue to find ways to move ahead is key, but that doesn’t mean flogging a dead horse. Blindly pushing ahead with something that just isn’t working does not make a successful Entrepreneur. Quite the opposite actually!

Second then is adaptability. The start-up journey is essentially one of learning and if you can’t learn you will fail. Sticking rigidly to the wrong idea will get you nowhere. Great Entrepreneurs can take on-board leanings and adapt their plans and ideas to take advantage of them and pursue them relentlessly. To learn is important then but how is it that great Entrepreneurs get learning?

What are customers telling you?

Third then listening. What are customers telling you? Many start-up founders are so keen to tell prospective customers about themselves they forget to listen. It’s not about you it’s about them! Understanding what customers want and how closely that fits with what you have is an important skill. Only then will products be developed that meet a real customer need. Here is the other key thing. Great Entrepreneurs are good at getting in front of prospective customers and testing their ideas to see if they resonate. You don’t create great companies and products in the office, you must get out in the market. Great Entrepreneurs know that and are experts at doing it.

Fourth is partnerships. All start-ups lack resources, be they human, financial or physical. This is where partners can help. They can give you access to things you don’t have such as technology, markets and finance. Great Entrepreneurs then are good at seeing those opportunities and creating win-win proposals that will get partners on-board. If you can show how working with you will help their business, then companies with more resources than you will be happy to help and may even provide you with a future exit.

These then are some of the character traits that successful Entrepreneurs possess and so before embarking on a career as an entrepreneur you should ask yourself if you have them? If not, then do you possess enough of them to make it work? The start-up life is hard work so making sure you have the right stuff to see it through is crucial, but if you do it can be hugely rewarding both emotionally and financially, so if you think you have it then go for it! You won’t regret it