We’re at Venturefest South this week (1st March) supporting Setsquared Basingstoke. Basingstoke is listed in the top 10 UK places for ‘Tomorrows’ Tech Hubs. 4 of our startups are pitching for funding, read about them below…

HOLM. Feel at home with what you wear.

‘Game changing’ fashion tech for retail. We dramatically increase in-store sales turnover. We enhance retail margins and give purpose back to clothes shopping in physical stores.

We accurately and efficiently match clothes to customers body shapes.

Creating a magical in-store shopping experience that transforms the way people feel about themselves. By only recommending clothes they look great wearing. Not just ones that ‘fit’.

We’ve digitised and fully automated the art of personal styling. Turning untrained store assistants into highly productive, trusted stylists. It all works via our cloud hosted application, a software we license to retailers as a monthly subscription.

We then use our ‘real’ shopper data to create unfair advantage for our retail clients. Creating ‘best selling’ clothing collections by improving customer service in-store and winning shopper loyalty on their first visit.

Muebox is a mobile application that connects music artists with their peers, empowering them to make music how, whenever and with whomever they want. Through Muebox, artists have a platform filled with creatives and soon IP management tools, that replace the need for an advance and third-party royalty management. In addition to accessing creatives like photographers, music artists can access the likes of promoters and bloggers, making Muebox a catalyst for creativity while undermining the role of record labels as brokers and reducing their monopoly on IP.

Having left their respective corporate jobs at roughly the same time in 2015, the founders, Neil Johnson and Paul Kane started Satchel Messaging.

The vision for Satchel was built on the insight that software has fundamentally changed. Messaging applications are now the dominant way that people interact with one another. The growth of services like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger for consumers and in the business world Slack and LinkedIn, means that messaging services are now vastly more popular than social media. And it has been this way for the last four years.

Given that, why is the software we use at work built in a way that was appropriate a decade ago?

At Satchel, we decided to build a platform to help people collaborate in a way they are familiar with in their daily lives. By integrating specific tools into group messaging, we believe we can help fix the problems caused by bad communications that teams face when they try to work together.

Satchel Messaging make Siteloop – a collaboration platform for the construction industry, helping teams work together to increase profitability by improving project delivery.

Many things slow down delivery on construction projects. Teams run late causing a chain of delays to other trades. Incorrect information causes expensive remedial work. Problems like these can jeopardise profits and damage a company’s reputation.

Siteloop solves this by making the communication between teams fast and natural. When teams work well together, it unlocks huge efficiencies and significantly improves delivery quality and reputation.

Siteloop acts as a catalyst for growth for construction companies by creating excellence in collaboration.

transparently is a negotiation management platform that gives legal professionals the ability to offer preventative advice. The system automates evidence gathering and assists with case preparation. All professionals are offered a full case history and are able to see the context of any situation requiring their intervention.

The transparently platform further provides an indelible record of all communication between two or more individuals; a single point of truth. Through transparently, all legal professionals, the judiciary and supporting agencies are able to collaborate effectively, potentially reducing the need for matters to be resolved in court.