Root21 is the new name in town if you’re a hi-tech company looking for business support and acceleration. Founded by industry veterans Adrian Braine and Vincenzo Roberti; Root21 plans to be a major force in helping companies in the region grow and succeed. Both founders have a wealth of experience creating, running and supporting start-up and scale-up businesses. It’s experience that they have used to create a truly unique approach that helps companies grow and succeed. Tech Juice talked to the founders to understand more about their plans.

“We wanted to fix the inconsistent and disjointed support that companies get today” says Braine “Root21 is the answer to that. We work with our member companies from concept to Series A and beyond so they have one team and one continuous programme. We’re motivated by our member’s success”.

Starting A hi-tech Business

Starting a hi-tech business is not easy; there can be many pitfalls and mistakes along the way. That’s why it’s important to get help but not just any help. Start-up and scale-up companies need to consider the quality, experience and intensity of the support they get. Just meeting with a mentor once a month doesn’t cut it for most companies. Do they really understand the problems you face; have they been in your shoes before? “That’s where Root21 comes in” says Roberti “The quality and experience of our people plus the hands-on nature of our support are paramount and are the cornerstones of success. Above all Root21 is a community, we’re part of your team”. It’s an approach that means help is always at hand, keeping companies on track with navigating the complexities of starting and growing a business. “Root21 is focused on the rapid growth of our member companies because their success is our success” says Roberti, “it’s all about outcomes”.

Another big part of the Root21 offer is training that grows with the business. As companies grow and mature they need to pick up different skills to keep moving forward. “We’re essentially a knowledge based organisation” says Braine. “The way we work is radically different from other organisations however. We develop our own techniques and methods that we know create success”. It’s know-how that Root21 shares with the wider community through its comprehensive training programmes. “We call it: Do It Like Us” says Braine. Root21 is a community where hi-tech companies can grow and succeed and do so at speed and its support ecosystem is an aspect of that. “We’ve assembled an ecosystem of trusted partners” says Roberti, “We want our member companies to focus on running their business, not looking for help; that’s something we take care of”.

How ROOT 21 works

So how does Root21 work for companies that need their help? “We’re a membership organisation so companies need to apply through the Root21 website to join” says Roberti, “but we don’t take everyone that applies, they need to have what it takes so, they’ll have to pitch their idea or business to our investment panel first”. Root21 works with companies that have demonstrated this so just being offered membership in itself is a big deal but that’s just the start. Once companies are members they can take full advantage of the Root21 ecosystem to rapidly grow their business. “We work with our member companies at every stage of development” says Braine, “We’re with them all the way, we make sure they take the right steps to grow and succeed’.

Root21 is a major addition to a rapidly developing technology scene that is helping create the next tech giants right here in Basingstoke. Root21 takes the pain out of navigating the complex and often frustrating world of growing a hi-tech company so, if you run a hi-tech company or have an idea for one, they can help. You can apply for Root21 membership at: