A lovely villa in Marbella? Or perhaps an all-inclusive 5* resort in Mallorca? Either way, HotelTreats.com, a British startup on the rise is here to make it all even better.

With a massive popularity increase of ‘alternative accommodation’ providers chances are you will be staying in a villa you rented via Airbnb. Or you may have decided to go down the more traditional route of an all-inclusive package.

A villa will sure offer privacy. You will be the king of your castle. But, somewhere between running out of gin, another grocery store trip, and whipping up yet another family dinner you may start feeling like holiday is actually a lot of work. A more traditional all-inclusive package will take these headaches away, but only until you try relaxing by a pool swarming with other people’s children…

The point is, at some stage of your holiday you may feel like you deserve a little better. You may feel like you want to treat yourself and feel truly pampered for a change.

At the same time, traditional 5* hotels are struggling to keep up with the disruptors. The likes of Trivago charge exorbitant commissions, Airbnb offers zillions of perfectly viable luxury options, and competition for the best keywords in Adwords eats away their marketing budget.

They also have another major problem: guests who stay at their premises often choose not to spend their money at the hotel restaurant or bar. They would rather go out and try restaurants in the area which have been recommended by friends, or TripAdvisor. So, just to maintain their 5* status, hotels end up having to maintain their lush spa facilities, bars and restaurants only to see them scandalously under-utilised.

Working exclusively with the most fabulous hotels in Spain HotelTreats.com set out to solve these problems for both the holidaymakers and the hotels. It has created a marketplace effectively opening doors to luxury for people who don’t necessarily choose to spend their holiday at a traditional 5* hotel, but are keen to splash out on one or two memorable experiences. Perhaps a gourmet tasting dinner just for two, that will look great on your Instagram. Or a day at the spa so quiet and serene it will prepare you for the rest of the hectic holidays ahead.

The platform caters to the 82.8 million tourists who visit Spain each year. Unsurprisingly, it’s also popular amongst local residents. People who know they don’t have to spend the night at a 5* hotel to use its facilities. All of whom would love to splash out to treat themselves to something special, or buy a gift for friends who live in the area.

So, check them out once your villa gets a a little boring. Or your all-inclusive becomes a bit all-exhausting.