These are odd times, and yes, it may feel a bit wrong to be promoting your business right now, but the reality is that industry and commerce needs to keep going if it can; businesses need to survive; and there are still people (and other businesses) out there who need you now, or will need you when this is all over.

But if you’re in any of the industries which have effectively been shut down by this pandemic, or your contacts are all working from home, then you may be racking your brain for ideas to stay in front of your customers. So this week we thought we’d take a look at ways you can continue promoting your business, adding value, and ensuring your customers don’t forget about you during lock-down.

It’s hardly surprising that social media usage has increased dramatically in light of social distancing measures.

Take WhatsApp for example, the popular app has seen a 40% usage increase as a result of Covid-19*. And just before the UK ‘lockdown’ was confirmed, Twitter was already reporting a 23% growth in year-on-year “monetisable daily users”; it can only be more than that now! So why not find out which platforms your customers are ‘hanging out’ on and make sure your company is posting there too?

Social media is a brilliant way to generate awareness of your brand, purely through sharing great content and engaging with your audience. In our 2020 marketing trends we talked about authenticity; now more than ever, people want to see relatable content – we’re all in the same boat of uncertainty, after all! And shares have gone through the roof, so you never know where your content could take you!

What could you do?

If it’s appropriate for your business, why not “go live” on social? You could share a ‘how to’ related to your business or your customers, a cook-along-with-me recipe, even an at home workout or relaxation session. The key is to do something which provides value to your audience. If you can add humour, it’s even better: more memorable, more sharable, and gives your audience a laugh when they need it.

Alternatively, you could share your working from home set up (follow us on LinkedIn to see ours), links to useful articles, free downloads you’ve created for your readers, maybe even a course that you offer? Lockdown is a great time for everyone to enhance their skills and learn, so if you can offer a course, it’s a great idea. It could be free; you could levy a charge to keep your cash flow going; or mix it up: some free and some charged.  

Goodwill goes a long way in strange situations like these! Your audience will remember it when we’re back to normal, meaning you’ll be in line for their custom.

If you need a bit of help setting up your social media templates, creating content or simply want some ideas about what your business could do, get in touch!

Why not take your business and make it virtual?

A lot of companies have already embraced working from home – but have you considered all the ways you can make it work for you? We’ve seen some great examples from businesses big and small turning their offering virtual to accommodate social distancing.

From well-known restaurants offering home delivery and special offers, to personal trainers setting up Facetime workout sessions for their clients, and even wedding makeup artists offering virtual 1-2-1 tutorials with brides to be – where there’s a will there’s a way, you just have to get a bit creative!

Other small ways to make your business work better in lock down include…

  • Offering gift cards to customers “buy now, use later” – you can even buy a gift card to keep your local pub up and running too!
  • Free shipping and returns are ideal at a time like this – it gives consumers the opportunity to try out your products or services without having to pay for the delivery.
  • Share reviews – if you’ve got TrustPilot, Google reviews or anything else, now is a great time to share some with your audience to help build consumer confidence for those shopping online.

What about taking a bit of time to work ‘on’ your business?

What opportunities will be out there when this is all over and how can you make the most of them? What new strategy and plans will you need? What new materials would help showcase your company?

Think about that sales campaign you’ve never quite had time for, the new product or service you’d like to add, even the website overhaul you’ve been putting off… it’s all about making sure you’re ready when the time comes, so you can ‘hit the ground running!’

And right now you can use this time to create and share content which educates, inspires and entertains your audience. Positioning your business as the guru of your subject is a great way to build trust and put your company at the front of your customers’ minds.

Think infographics, blog posts, video content and more, which demonstrate your expertise and engage your audience. We’ve got a few downloads available on our website, so why not do the same? (If you’ve got some time to kill, go on a little treasure hunt to find them all!)

And finally: something which it’s easy to overlook but is perhaps the most simple… keep in touch! 

If your contacts are working from home and you have their mobile number, then give them a call. See how they are, what they’re doing and if there’s anything you could do to help. If you don’t have their mobile number, try a personal email. Many people are adding their work email addresses to their home systems, so you’re likely to make contact.

And if you need us, you know where we are… all here, working from home!

So if you’d like to chat through your marketing strategy, discuss the options open to you right now, or have a project in mind but aren’t sure where to start, remember your Juicy Team is just a call, email or Skype away…