ioLight has won a substantial grant from Innovate UK, the UK’s innovation agency, to further enhance  its digital high-resolution portable microscope. The funding will be used to explore a number of exciting new features to increase user experience even more.

ioLight’s pioneering pocket-size foldable microscope has a unique compact design making it small and light enough for in-the-field use. The research grant will be used to develop features traditionally only seen on a laboratory microscope. The new advancements will push the ioLight microscope beyond that of a bench microscope. Thanks to its portability and capacity to display 1 micron resolution images on a mobile phone, it can be operated in the most extreme environments, and has already been used in The Amazon Rainforest and even on Mount Everest.

The ioLight microscope has already made a name for itself in a number of industries including those involved in medicine, animal health care, aquaculture, agriculture and environmental operations. Applications where portability and ease of use are important are taking advantage of the digital portable microscope to work remotely and capture high-resolution images.

Andrew Monk Co-founder, ioLight said: “Thanks to the Innovate UK grant we can accelerate the ioLight microscope into another dimension by developing new features.  For example, we will be looking to design an X Y stage to make it even easier to count cells. All of the new proposed features can potentially have a huge impact on diagnosing disease and parasites in the developing world.

“Traditional compound microscopes are difficult to transport and use in remote environments and usually have no way of sharing images for a second expert opinion or records. By advancing the ioLight microscope further, it will help to improve the speed of diagnosis, therefore aiding in the fight to reduce disease in humans, animals and within the aquaculture industry.”

Andrew concluded: “This is a really exciting time for ioLight. Our objective now is to create the next generation of portable digital microscope which will provide even faster, more reliable, diagnoses far from the lab thanks to its outstanding high-resolution images and ease of use.”

The ioLight microscope is used in field for ecological research, vets, education, micro-engineering, medicine and any other applications where portability and ease of use must not compromise image quality. The range includes the highest resolution digital field microscope, the 1mm Portable Microscope, which is perfect for observing plant and animal samples at the cellular level. Also available is the 2mm microscope model, which is ideal for cell counting, opaque subjects and subjects larger than 1mm.

While the ioLight microscope portfolio boasts all of these professional features, its microscopes fold flat and fit in a jacket pocket or desk drawer. Images and videos are displayed on an iPad, iPhone or Android app making it a go-anywhere high-resolution microscope.

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ioLight can be used in the most remote locations. Munib Khanyari on site in Kazakhstan. (Thanks to The University of Bristol)