This month has seen the Hants and Surrey Google Developers Group (GDG), based out of Basingstoke, restart for the first time after the pandemic lockdowns. The GDG kicked off at a new venue, Dice Tower, Gaming Café, Bar and Restaurant at the top of town, with a workshop on creating a real time, chat and message board web app, using Firebase and Firestore. It was a great to see it get going again and what was cool was that attendees didn’t need to have coding experience. The presenter Tom walked everyone through the process step by step to create the message board. It was also an opportunity for everyone to meet socially and finally catch up after lockdown. This, though, is just the start, they already have the next event planned for the 10th November

What is a Google Developers Group or GDG?

Google Developers Groups are networking events that explore the latest trends in software development both Google and non-Google. They comprise expert talks, workshops and Code Labs that help developers at all levels increase their knowledge and expertise in software development. Organizers of Google Developer Groups are passionate leaders in their community who are dedicated to helping others learn and connect. GDG organizers plan and host meetup events on a wide range of technical topics, typically on a monthly basis, in a location near them. These community organizers come with various backgrounds, from all types of companies and industries

The Hants and Surrey GDG was formed back in 2018 and ran regular events prior to lockdown, but the face-to-face nature of the event has meant they have been suspended until now. Adrian from Root21 organises and coordinates the events with three co-organisers from Basingstoke technology businesses: Tom from Apptaura and Lewis and Eugen from Razorsecure, all of whom develop the technical content. It’s a strong team but, they’re always looking for more organisers so, if you’re interested turn up at an event and put your hand up!

About Dice Tower

Dice Tower is Basingstoke’s first and only Board game cafe, bar & restaurant. It’s quirky design and approach, it’s a little bit geeky, make it an ideal place to host a GDG. With an extensive bar they support locally produced coffee, beer and ciders and uniquely have a mead menu! There’s also a great hot food menu prepared fresh on-site including Pizza, Nachos and a selection of hot sandwiches. In addition, they have a huge library of games, thousands of comics, retro arcade & cosplay accessories and run regular theme nights, such as, Dungeons and Dragons. Most importantly, though, they are an all are welcome, safe space where people can relax and be themselves. A perfect venue for a GDG


It’s great to see the GDG events get going again and the next event already planned for 10th November at Dice Tower. The content is not quite decided yet, but RUST will feature in some form so, if this sounds good, why not go to the Hants and Surrey GDG website and sign up. They’ll be glad to see you and help you learn