Just imagine… you’ve invested in a beautiful website, you’ve got great products and services, you’re ready to sell, with knowledge to share, but no one is finding you.

It would be a bit of a disaster, wouldn’t it? But it happens.

And you’ve probably heard us say this before but we’re going to say it again (and for good reason): this is why blogging is SO important when it comes to your website.

Did you know… your chances of ranking in search engines increase 434% when you add a blog to your website?!

Think of search engines as Pacman. Yes, that little yellow fella who munches his way around a maze searching for more to eat, avoiding those colourful ghosts at all costs. Well, the likes of Google do exactly the same; search engines are constantly munching their way around the web looking for new content. Seriously, that’s exactly what they do!

So if you’re not updating your website with new information regularly, then your website simply isn’t going to rank as highly as it could in search results. If you’re not signposting a path with more for him to eat, Pacman will get very hungry and turn away to find food!

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