DeskLodge is an award-winning coworking space and listed as one of the top 15 coolest places to work in the world by the Telegraph.

We are excited to announce that DeskLodge is now in Basingstoke, teaming up with SETsquare Basingstoke and University of Surrey, to provide the ultimate place to start-up your business for the 21st century!

DeskLodge Basingstoke is taking coworking to a next level as the hottest place to hotdesk and the coolest place to have that water-cooler moment.  Whether you are a start-up, freelancer, self employed professional, home worker or remote worker, our work space is where you will do your best work.

We all know that the most productive workspaces are where people meet, collaborate and network.   At DeskLodge we believe that community, social values and fun are powerful drivers of business growth.  DeskLodge Bristol is a proven success boasting cutting-edge companies such as Dyson, BluWireless and Pure Planet as well home to networks such as Low Carbon SW and Women’s Tech Hub.

DeskLodge Basingstoke promises simplified billing, great coffee, superfast wifi, meeting rooms, phone booths, quiet workspace, themed coworking spaces, the first UK 5G network emulator, a VR studio and Basingstoke’s smallest disco!  We have private offices, fixed desks and hotdesks – so there is something for any size company from freelancer to growing business.

We promise you will have the best work day ever – the first 2 days are free!  Come talk to us and find out about our dynamic community – we can’t wait to meet you!