Despite everything that’s going on, wherever possible businesses have been trying to carry on as normal (well, maybe not ‘as normal’, but at least carry on). Of course, we understand that not all companies can continue under these circumstances, and our hearts truly go out to them.

To keep spirits up, we wanted to share some positivity with you this week, maybe give you a laugh or two, inspire your creativity and remind you that you can still market your business effectively, even now.

We’ve been keeping our beady eyes on the campaigns that have been coming out since Covid-19 started – there are some really great ones – so read on for a roundup of our favourites so far…​

TM Lewin has had a bit of fun with its working from home campaign.

We’re guessing some of you out there may be sneaking your PJ bottoms to work, teamed with a smart shirt ‘up top’ for video calls – so this one is for you!

We love this tongue-in-cheek response to homeworking, and it’s a campaign which works for email, print, social media and would be great for TV too. Covid-19 is a challenging time for us all, but at Juicy we’re strong believers in a bit of light relief, and TM Lewin has hit the nail on the head with this entertaining campaign.

Vodafone are #KeepingTheUKConnected.

Combining a huge selection of home videos to the Beatle’s hit Come Together, gives an uplifting take on the current lockdown situation, with the motto #KeepingTheUKConnected. It’s a nice reminder that although we’re all apart at the moment, everyone is in it together and today’s technology gives us so many ways to stay in touch.

Tesco is also harnessing user generated content for its latest edition of “food love stories” – showcasing families cooking at home. Cooking brings many people comfort, and like Vodafone’s focus on togetherness, this is another ad which shows that really successfully.

Both companies are hoping to tap into the inclusive, sharing and credibility aspects of user-generated content (UGC). Consumers are 2.4 times more likely to view UGC as authentic compared to that created by brands (source: Hootsuite), so sharing the content they create is a fantastic way to engage your audience and build trust in your brand. It really encourages people to connect with you too… because people love to see their ‘stuff’ being appreciated and validated.

In Tesco’s and Vodafone’s cases, by doing something to help their customers stay connected during lockdown, their campaigns give a sense of caring and togetherness, which promotes them positively.

Costa stores may be closed right now (four locations are reported to be reopening tomorrow, lucky you if you’re close-by!), but its email marketing is top notch.

The company has created Costa Coffee Breaks – a weekly email of feel good fixes and how tos. It’s a brilliant way of keeping in touch with loyal customers; saying thank you to all those working on the Covid-19 front line; and being helpful by sharing tips on how to make the perfect coffee at home and recipes for Costa favourites; plus adding personality with some good old-fashioned chit chat.

More people are online than ever before, either working from home or trying to amuse themselves, so quality emails are a good way to remind your customers you are still here to help and to provide them with a bit of positive news.

But be warned, everyone is on this email bandwagon at the moment, so you need to be sure yours stand out and offer something of value if you want to ensure good open rates.  Remember to craft a great subject line which makes it clearer than clear!

Our award for turning things around has to go to Emily Snacks, which has absolutely nailed its unfortunately timed outdoor advertising placement.

Traditionally April and the Easter weekend are ideal for promoting products in outdoor space due to increased footfall and the greater visibility that offers. But Covid-19 has rather put a stop to that.

Emily had just one week to come up with a new campaign which was more appropriate than the one it had planned… and we think it may even prove more successful – yes, really – because it’s understated wit is so relatable and sharable. We’re partial to a bit of comedy, and this is a fantastic (and very British) nod to their misfortune without being insensitive to coronavirus.

It’s still important to have a bit of fun with your marketing – perhaps now more than ever before – and it’s vital you react to the changing circumstances quickly and effectively, just like Emily Snacks.

All the situation-appropriate marketing we’re seeing shows it can be done.

And it’s not just consumer-facing TV or poster advertising… we’ve been getting ‘stuff’ out for clients in record quick times, changing plans, re-purposing content, adjusting messaging and finding different routes to market.

So why are there still inappropriate campaigns out there? Most of them are from larger organisations, which you’d think would have the resources and professionalism to respond appropriately.

A quick straw-poll suggests inappropriate marketing is irritating and alienating customers and prospects – it’s not proper research or proof, but it’s worth thinking about. It also showed that people still want to hear from suppliers and are happy to receive marketing communications… so what could you do right now to stay connected?

We hope these examples have brought a smile to your face, and maybe given you some inspiration for your own Covid-19 marketing?

Remember… we’re still here!

So if you’d like some help with turning your thoughts into reality – or a bit of Juicy inspiration to get those ideas flowing – do get in touch!

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