Ray Vernon from Mysokoni was interviewed for the February issue of Tech Juice in an article titled ‘Changing the face of buying and selling in the industry’.

In the article Ray spoke about what inspired him to create a marketplace to help disabled and older people find products that will enhance the quality of their lives. He explained that initially he was interested in the travel industry and went to hear a talk about travel opportunities for disabled and older people and that lead him to visit Naidex, Europe’s largest disability event in 2017.

How Mysokoni differs

Mysokoni, he explains will be a different marketplace to existing players like eBay & Amazon where selling of products is the core service. Ray says that when it comes to disabled and older people, you must put the people first and then selling of product second. He said “if a disabled person purchases the wrong product it could actually make them worse so we have to focus on understanding why they want the product in the first place, what problem are they trying to solve and then help them make the correct choice”.

Ray’s utopia is that 50% of all products in the industry will be sold through Mysokoni but customers will have multiple ways to complete their purchase. His dream is that older and disabled people, their families, friends, carers and advisors will turn to Mysokoni first when looking for products. He explained that when the marketplace is in full swing, it will literally have thousands of products but to help people make the right choice, there will be written, audio, video information and ultimately, a real person with vertical product knowledge to guide customers and if necessary, help them complete their purchase. We want to add the human element back into the sales process, not find a way to eliminate them. He said, “ Machine Learning is great and will play a part as we develop but there is nothing that replaces people helping people”.

The Future

To help fulfill his dream, Ray has already started recruiting volunteers from the older and disabled communities that are willing to provide guidance and tips for products on the website. He said, “Having spoken to many disabled people, it is clear they want to be engaged and included in anything that is meant for them. They really don’t like organisations however noble their intention, making decisions for them as if they need to be handled. They are passionate, willing to help and want to be included and from my perspective are the best people to shape what Mysokoni will become”.

Ray is looking for investment partners that want to help realize his vision and can contribute to making Mysokoni a success. Check it out for yourself at: www.mysokoni.co.uk.

Ray can also be contacted at: ray@mysokoni.co.uk