We’re at Venturefest South on the 29th March supporting Basingstoke start-ups that are pitching there. Basingstoke is listed in the top 10 UK places for ‘Tomorrows’ Tech Hubs and 7 of our startups are pitching for funding, read about them below…


99boat is an on-line yacht brokerage that is disrupting the traditional commission model for selling a boat or a yacht. 99boat offers a fixed fee market place for owners to sell their boat or yacht in the same way as on-line estate agents sell your home. 99Boat’s model is simple; pay £99 and you’ll get the Port package, which is the basic package that offers 24 months’ listings (compared to £14.99 for 28 days on eBay) across a network of sites like The Yacht Market, Boats and Outboards and boats.com, which are usually only accessible to brokers. They also offer extras, like professional photography or premium listings, in their Chandlery.

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We dramatically increase in-store sales turnover and retail margins and give purpose back to clothes shopping in physical stores. We accurately and efficiently match clothes to customer’s body shapes and only recommend clothes they look great wearing; not just ones that ‘fit’. It creates a magical in-store shopping experience that transforms the way people feel about themselves. HOLM has digitised and fully automated the art of personal styling, turning untrained store assistants into highly productive, trusted stylists. It all works via our subscription based, cloud hosted application that helps retailers create ‘best selling’ clothing collections, improve  in-store customer service and shopper loyalty.


Fable is a Podcast search and categorisation platform. Until now it is difficult to find Podcast material that interests you, it’s largely a matter of trial and error, which takes time that people don’t have. Fable seeks to change all that. It’s a new way to find and consume the Podcast content that interests you. Combining powerful search with curated content and insights that make it easy to identify and track content that’s made for you. Fable will make Podcasting available and accessible to everyone.


Kuldea is an online marketplace that connects people to furniture products from retailers across the entire market. Put simply, Kuldea helps people find furniture they can’t find by themselves. Kuldea aggregates products across the entire furniture retail market and allows people to easily search and find the right products for them based on their relevance. Kuldea also provides people with top tips, inspiration and sales content from retailers and industry professionals, that help inform their home furnishing decisions. At Kuldea, our passion is to ensure every person finds exactly want they want from their furniture shopping experience.

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Mysokoni was established to improve the experience of users shopping for accessibility products. Our mission is to help people living with disabilities to find products that will dramatically enhance their lives. There exists a wide range of life-changing products available but people with disabilities often they don’t know they exist or, where to find them or, which is the best option for them. Mysokoni aims to be the single place where people with disabilities can find, compare and make an informed decision about products and services that can positively impact their lives.

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Specialising in fine food & drinks, Todelli is the website bringing fine food products to fine business spaces. The heart and soul of our global community are the food & drink makers that want to grow their brand faster and the retailers unable to source local specialised produce. Our mission is to reinvent the industry’s supply chain in ways that make it simpler and more rewarding for both. We want to welcome all businesses in the community to grow so, our platform allows Chefs and Restaurateurs to message makers directly, sample, trust and buy their products.

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Wisetree is a mentoring platform for organisations. Everyone has wisdom to share and challenges to overcome. Wisetree delivers a wisdom-sharing environment that facilitates traditional, peer-to-peer and upwards mentoring. We enable coaching and mentoring that is dedicated to personal development and helps our members teach and learn effectively. Organisations can easily set up and manage their own mentoring programmes, keep track of their members, gain valuable insights into the learning needs of the wider organisation and even award CPD accreditation badges.

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