The Power of Why

So many start-ups come from a position of “look how great my product is” but, once demand has been shown, any product can be copied given enough time and resources so, at best we only ever have first mover advantage. Instead we should focus on building enduring…


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O2 to launch 5G test bed at The O2

Test network will be available for visitors to enjoy at least two years ahead of expected 5G rollout in Britain O2 today unveiled plans to launch a 5G test bed at The O2 in North Greenwich later this year, bringing a 5G experience to the world’s…


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Why is coworking ideal for start-ups?

Have you ever thought about working in a coworking space? Do you feel that the traditional office model isn’t working for you? Do you think about work as something you achieve rather than where you go? Coworking has arrived and any place that says its innovative will…


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