​It’s hard to know what’s going to be effective when it comes to your marketing… inbound, outbound, digital, content, channel, social… just how do you identify the right mix to work for you?

The tendency is for businesses – large and small – to overcomplicate things; but that means you run the risk of confusing your audience with too many messages, negating your results with a mass of unnecessary expenditure and hiding your light under a bushel of ‘stuff’.

The skill is in finding the right route through the minefield; and that’s where we come in!
Our fabulous team are experts at getting to the point; stripping things back; then knowing just where and when to add that extra ‘je ne sais quoi’ for best effect.

You need the right marketing which will really work for you and your business, so we’ve rounded up five great guidelines to help you stay on track and make your marketing more effective.

5 Juicy tips to navigate the marketing minefield

1. Be on brand, consistent and distinctive.

Like a catchy tune, you want your brand to get stuck in people’s heads, making sure your company is the first they think of when making a buying decision.  Which is where consistency comes in, because being consistent improves your brand’s memorability.

The key is to maintain consistency across all aspects of your brand: from the colours you use, through your graphic style and ‘voice’ tone, all the way to how frequently and what time of day you share social and digital content.

Brand guidelines help your teams (and any external agencies you use) stay ‘on message’.  If you don’t already have a guide, then creating one is a great start: it helps you get to the bottom of what makes your brand distinctive and makes sure it stays that way.

2. Get in touch with your emotions.

From first impressions right through to purchase, emotion plays a huge part in your customer’s journey.  As humans, we use emotion to process, remember and share information; in fact, studies show that people rely more on emotion than information to make decisions.

So how something makes your clients feel is ultimately going to have a more lasting impact than any amount of research they do.  Not only does emotion affect decision making, it also encourages other activities which help your brand grow.

To really have an impact, make sure your content is motivational as well as emotionally engaging.  And if you’re struggling with this, give us a call: our team can help!

Happiness = Sharing

Positive content spreads like wildfire on social media.  How many times have you smiled at something on Instagram and tagged your friend?  The more your content is shared, the more impact it has for your brand.

Happiness = Sharing

Creating feelings of sadness through music and emotive imagery generates empathy which inspires consumers to act. This type of emotion marketing tends to work best for charitable organisations.

Surprise/Fear = Comfort

By tapping into fears, your brand can be seen as the ‘good’ in a world of ‘bad’. It’s a great way to build brand loyalty; your customers will come to rely on you because they know you.  You’re essentially their comfort blanket when the tough times come around!

Anger/Passion = Stubbornness

Strong emotions lead to virality and increased views because they bring out passionate feelings which prompt content shares and gain loyal followers who agree with your stance.

3. Nonsense is sense!

Sometimes, the best marketing campaigns are completely random. You remember Cadbury’s drumming gorilla? Completely obscure, but it really worked because it was so unexpected and therefore memorable.

At the time (2007), it had – what was then – a whopping 250,000 views on YouTube by the end of the first week. Cadbury saw a 10% sales increase as a result of the ad, and although it didn’t actually feature any chocolate, 76% of people remember it was an ad for Cadbury.

The best marketing doesn’t necessarily make sense, and the most unexpected ideas can end up going viral, helping you build that all-important brand awareness.

4. Reach for the stars… and those ‘hard to get’ prospects!

If you want to grow your brand, you need to target more than just ‘in market’ audiences. Ideally you want to reach as far as you can with your budget.

Target your existing customers to keep them wanting more and coming back, but really use your marketing to attract new customers – that’s the way to grow your company (and achieve world domination!)

Maintaining a regular presence will also help to keep your brand at the forefront of people’s minds and give you the opportunity to engage new prospects. Whether it’s an ongoing social media campaign, radio, TV or print, if you’re not there, you’re square!

5. Stand out in the crowd.

There’s so much choice for your customers today; your message can easily get lost amongst it all.  To make your company the clear, easy, obvious choice for your customers, you need to make your marketing unique.  

Whether it’s the way you choose to reach your audience, a great extra, or maybe even a flash mob, make it memorable and exciting, that way, you’ll tap into their emotions and prompt action (purchases!)

So, there you have it, our roundup of the best guidelines to follow when you’re considering how to make your marketing activities more effective.

If you need your own marketing minesweeper, drop us a line or give us a call! We’re here to help you find the right route through your marketing minefield to deliver great results and help you find success!